About us

The following partners are part of the Grundtvig learning partnership

The Slovenian non-profit institute INTEGRA specialises on rehabilitation and re-integration into society, training of social competences, teambuilding and balance of competences, learning by contrasts (diversity &gender), labour market related subjects such as job-coaching and train-the-trainer programmes.

INTEGRA has a regional rehabilitation centre for psycho-social re-integration and provides seminars, courses and workshops for education and training in relation to work place and society.

In cooperation with the “University of the Third Age Velenje” INTEGRA organises also the Senior Club with regular meetings aimed at the activation of senior citizens enabling them to contribute their life experience on the one hand and to adapt to the technical and cultural changes of society on the other hand.


email: office(at)eu-integra.eu
website: www.eu-integra.eu


The German partner “Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa e.V.” is a non-profit network organization with its head office in Passau, eastern Bavaria. The main emphasis is to initiate cooperation, activities and projects among different individuals and organizations which are all working to promote equality.

The promotion of equal opportunities for everyone is achieved by projects and mainstreaming activities in the field of

a) promotion of lifelong learning,

b) fighting discrimination and racism by promoting tolerance and diversity,

c) advancement of volunteer work within the community,

d) the support of disadvantaged target groups,

e) educational work,

f) gender mainstreaming activities and

g) innovative form of mainstreaming activities.


email: info(at)gemeinsam-in-europa.de
website: www.gemeinsam-in-europa.de



AHAPunkt is a private institution for training by experience and project consulting.
The team, consisting of experienced and specifically qualified trainers, has specialised its trainings, consultings and coachings on the following subjects:

  • Training of social competence
  • Teambuilding and balance of competences
  • Learning by contrasts (diversity & gender)
  • Discovery-oriented experience of nature, use-full cooking, creativity training
  •  Health mentoring as healthcare method
  • Labour market related subjects such as job coaching
  • Project consulting in Austria and abroad with a focus on EU-projects
  • Train-the-trainer programs

The institute has got more than ten years experience in cooperation with educational institutions, SMEs, non-profit organisations, EU-project initiators as well as sponsored educational providers.